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Miles Makes Champions

Summer Racing Camp 2023

Come row some serious summer miles around the San Juan Islands. Spend a week in the San Juan Islands preparing for a Sound Rowers race, then compete in the race for the ultimate summer training camp. We will help design a complementary training plan around  Washington Water Trails beach campsites, or AirBnB’s in the San Juans. After a week of rowing the Salish Sea around the San Juan Islands you can test your stamina in one of four races organized by Sound Rowers.

CAMP 1  6/17 – 6/25 In prep for Rat Island Regatta  7.8 miles
CAMP 2  7/29 – 8/6 In prep for Shaw Island Regatta  14 miles
CAMP 3  8/19 – 8/27 In prep for Cross Sound Regatta  7 miles
CAMP 4  9/2 – 9/10 In prep for Bainbridge Island Marathon 13 miles or 26.2 miles

Miles Makes Champions

Summer Partner Camp – Exploring

CAMP 5 7/15 – 7/23 Lopez Island and San Juan Island
CAMP 6 9/16 – 9/24 Cypress Island and Orcas Island

Are you and your doubles partner looking for an edge this summer? Come train together in the San Juan Islands. Use our expedition wherry and our expedition dory to log some serious miles around the San Juan Islands. Take turns rowing each boat and discover the beach camps of the San Juan Islands while building your endurance and boat feel.


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Customize Your Dream Boat

What’s your ocean rowing dream?

We have two singles available: the Expedition Wherry (from CLC) and the Snipefish (from Iain Oughtred)
We have two doubles available: the Annapolis Wherry Tandem (from CLC) and SAVO 650D

If you don’t see the model you’re looking for, let us know and we can discuss your dream boat.

Come test your boat in the San Juan Islands

Day Row
We can bring a boat to you, or you can test one around Burrows Island in Anacortes. Come test row a boat for the day.

Multi-Day row
Let us design a multi-day rowing expedition around the San Juan Islands utilizing the Washington Water Trails campsites.

We can also create an expedition around a Sound Rowers race where you can test the boat on the local waters before you race.