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Experience the Ocean

Handcrafted wooden rowing shells and kayaks for all of your ocean adventures.

Expedition Wherry

Nor’easter Dory


Coming soon

Whether you choose to race the 70:48 or row around the San Juan Islands with your family, please contact us for a guest paddle.

Services Offered

Select a Custom Built Boat

Match a boat to your local waters.
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Day Row / Multi Day Expedition Row

Come to Anacortes for a one-day row around Burrows Island, or to launch for a multi-day expedition around the San Juan Islands.
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AP Summer Boat Building Camp

Learn about modern stitch and glue boat building techniques this summer.
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Quality Parts

We use Pocock Racing Shell parts, Seahorse Downriggers, and materials from Fiberglass Supply.

Innovative Rigging

We convert classic rowing boats with our innovative custom riggers to replace the Piantedosi rowing unit.

Craftsmanship & Quality Wood

Conrad Boatworks uses the finest quality marine grade plywood, oak, and mahogany from Edensaw Woods.




























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